Investment Management

At Counsel Wealth Management we have a defined and pro-active investment management process, which is one of the things that sets us apart from other firms. We are not content to just throw money into a handful of mutual funds and hope for the best. We actually donít think "hope" is a very effective investment strategy. Our investment process also does not rely on gut instincts, because that often leads to emotional reactions and over-reactions to the never-ending fluctuations and changes in market conditions. This is why having a process is so important. It is our belief that process must trump attitude and opinions.

Everything we do is research driven, and this is something we dedicate significant resources to. Our Investment Committee meets twice a week to guide and oversee the investment strategies that we use with our clients. In every meeting we monitor, review, and index a proprietary set of market indicators. This shapes our view of the overall market and forms the basis for how bullish or bearish we may be at any given point in time.

We use this information to manage a variety of investment models. These range from strategies that tactically trade individual stocks to strategic mutual fund and ETF asset allocations. In every case, we work with our clients to develop an investment plan tailored to their goals and objectives.

Based on this philosophy and pro-active process, we have thoughtfully developed a number of Investment Models, which are listed below.