Upcoming Events

 Half-Time Report 
Please join us for our annual Half-Time Report and Ice Cream Social at Midland Hills Country Club. Build your own Sundae, there will be vanilla and chocolate ice cream that can be topped with a variety of different sauces, whipped cream, cherries, and assorted candy toppings. We will analyze the events that took place in the market during the first half of the year and try to look at what might transpire for the economy and the markets for the rest of 2017. This year we have added a Special Presentation - Paul McCready has invited Teen Challenge to share a brief overview about their organization. For those of you that would like to contribute directly to Teen Challenge, Paul and Beth McCready are offering up to an $8,000 math on donated funds. Please bring a guest to introduce to Counsel Wealth Management. RSVP by July 14th to (651) 639-8707 or to jill@counselwealthmanagement.com.

Recent Events

BBQ Open House

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and their guests who joined us for our BBQ Open House. We enjoyed pulled pork and pulled chicken with a few different sides as we listened to a great presentation regarding REITS. Also, clients were able to to see a presentation by our newest member of our team, John Liegl, who showed them the newest technology we are using. Please keep your eyes open for more events this summer! 

Retirement Coach Workshops

A big thank you to all of our wonderful clients and their friends who joined us for two Retirement Coach Workshops. We enjoyed coffee and dessert as we discussed the various stages of retirement. These two workshops were very interactive, each individual filled out various worksheets based off of what they have seen from others that have retired and what they would like to see happen when they do retire themselves. We also had the full group split into smaller groups and they were able to have discussions based off of their answers on the worksheets. This turned out to be a great experience for us as we hope it was for our clients!  

Movie Event - The Shack

Thank you to all of our great clients and their friends who joined us for the private screening of the new film, The Shack. We enjoyed a popcorn and pop while we sold out the whole theater. This movie event took place at AMC Rosedale. We hope that everyone enjoyed the film as much as we did. The Counsel Wealth Team hopes to see you at our next event!

Forecast Dinner Event

A big thank you to all of our great clients and their friends who joined us for our Forecast Dinner Event. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of either Walleye or Filet Mignon and listened to Paul take a look at what happened with the market in 2016 an what is expected to happen in the first half of 2017. Also, we welcomed a guest speaker this year! We also want to thank Mitch Anthony, the Retirement Coach, for a great presentation that made us laugh and really open our eyes about retirement. Following this event, we will be having Retirement Coach workshops in early March, please keep your eyes open for those invites!

Counsel Wealth Management's Annual Christmas Brunch

As always, a big thank you to all of our wonderful clients and their friends for joining us at our annual Christmas Brunch at the country club. We love the atmosphere there at Christmas-time, and were able to enjoy great conversation, connections, and delicious food! For the second year, we were also joined by a hand-bell choir who performed a variety of seasonal tunes to set the mood. We look forward to next year's event already!